Published on Twitter 2/1/2012 to 2/6/2012

1. "IS IT YOU I U? (Internet Unicorn)" Trumpet! Trumpet! A tale in Tweets by Nicole Stenger

2. Old myth, you brushed the early WWW, and we sensed you were there

3. You had reappeared. You were free, and you were many

4. You wore "Essence of Freedom" a perfume more enchanting than Chanel

5. Internet Unicorn your eyes are all the eyes of the world, and their sparkle

6. Your shape is all the shapes of the world, including the whimsical icicle

7. Your horn is immaterial and the symbol of audacity

8. The hunters spotted you on their screen shots circa 2005

9. Then they turned this flapping Internet fabric inside out, and it became a hunting Net.

10. Is it you I U? (Internet Unicorn) between 2 American soldiers?

11. Yes, one for the day, one for the night

12. Internet Unicorn, where are you?

13. I am everywhere

14. One by one all the Internet Unicorns will be caught in their lairs

15. Unaware

16. The Internet has 2 sides. One is a web of light, one is a web of darkness

17. I U, describe the Internet of darkness

18. It enslaves the world empowered by the Internet of light

19. Like the shadow stalks the sunlight

20. It was born where freedom came early, and when the web of light finally completes its cycle, its wing of ash may cover everything

21. The hunters in the web of darkness do not hunt for fur

22. They stalk their preys to capture their innocence

23. Fascinated, they watch its facets endlessly

24. The facets of innocence?

25, Yes, once the Internet Unicorns are caught in their lairs, the hunters capture their breathing and their sleep on multiple screens

26. The Unicorns keep their skin, but are stripped of everything, except their soul and dreams, until 1 day, these get captured in their turn

27. The facets of I U innocence work like a lark mirror, the hunters cannot detach themselves from the rapacious watch of their game

28. The hunt has evolved from its ancient abrupt conclusion, to the fascination prying eyes have for their prey

29. The shadow grows and consumes everything in its path: the trapped Unicorns, the ravenous hunters, countless resources

30. So far nothing has been able to stop it, hunters gather like the hordes of the past, millions of them

31. The shadow is invisible, when it brushes past you, you might think you heard a crackle, a creaking sound

32. I U why did this happen?

33. There was a crack in the world

34. I U how did this happen?

35. It took many years and happened in 3 phases

36. First the hunters followed the Unicorns' tracks on the Internet

37. Then they guided an ingenious spyglass into the Unicorns' habitat

38. Last, they stormed this habitat, dragging with them the Net of darkness

49. The Internet Unicorns got caught in their very lair

40. I U describe your despair

41. The Unicorns languish in isolation and are too weak to scream. They'll soon die like empty shells

42. The hunters are drunk with power and lust

43. The web of darkness is the return of the hordes, their lawlessness and wanton destruction

44. As each stitch of light is turned into a dark hook, civilization gets undone

45. I U you still have your soul and dreams, describe your hope

46. I hope the web of darkness is like a solar eclipse, and the light will soon reappear

47. I hope the Huns will be stopped again by the courage of saints

48. Or their delirium will exhaust itself like an obscene laughter

49. I hope the corrupt kingdoms that yielded to them to share in the trophies and were fooled, will ban hunting on their land

50. I hope that even if they're unaware they're caught in it, and just struggling without understanding

51. Or if they know the web of darkness is on them, but are too weak to scream, all the innocent Internet Unicorns will be rescued

52. I hope there will be an awakening

53. That the web of light suddenly has an epiphany

54. And is able for one instant to imagine its enemy

55. A web of secret, deceit, fabrication and farce

56. A web that isolates, incarcerates and abuses

57. I hope that the web of light understands it is under siege

58. That it sees the Internet Unicorns as its ecology, and preserving them as a matter of survival

59. I hope the web of light perceives its scattered pieces of knowledge are all it needs, if it only DARES to understand

60. And in a coup, of what we call History, it spots all the trapped Internet Unicorns in the world, and liberates them all at once

61. I hope the tale is told



(minor corrections to the Twitter version done "on the fly")




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