POETRY 1968-2009



1. Animated        

10 Animated pieces with text and music available as videos or 'live" on computers


Left from "San Francisco"

Right from "The Synthetic Family"



2. Written



when I was a French Beat Poet without knowing!


Text from "Le Familier"


3. Acted/ Sung / Read


Where are the bubs of my youth?
Big, warm buffers
Why did they look so good in white cotton?

There was Mémé
My cousin Roselyne


Where are the bubs of my youth?
Big, warm shoulders

On wet evenings
North of Paris
in the dark car
when drops of light
burst into my near-sighted eyes
you were my beddings

Where are the bubs of my youth?


(I blow into a pink plastic bag)

Here's a new model of a corporate bub


developed in Southern California

It has night radar
peripheral connections
anti-rape shield

However a major UN experiment shows
that all the little cubs of the world
who sucked on it

"No woman no bub
no woman no bub"

(I sing to the tune of Bob Marley: "no woman no cry")

When I go to heaven
I want to float
on the bubs of my youth

They'll go:
"Shit, a grown up LA woman
and still a suckling!"

and I'll go:
"So what, mothersucker!"

(Slam with props created in Venice Beach 2006)


Click to hear Nicole Stenger read "Le Familier"